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At TED Consulting, we give customers hard data that they can use to make informed decisions quickly. We are the boots on the ground, the eyes and ears, and the recorder. Data is more valuable than oil in our times, and we are the drillers. 

Our company's focus is on workforce utilization and workstation optimization. We use MODAPTS to bring you accurate workload data and clean operator instruction sheets in a timely manner. 

TED Consulting is also offering remote time study services, to keep your employees as safe as possible in these uncertain times. Please shoot me a message if you are interested in optimizing your workforce!

About Ted

Ted Arehart, Owner

Theodore "Ted" Arehart


Ted is a family man, entrepreneur, and engineer. He has been in the business of workplace optimization since 2016, assisting companies save up to $2,000,000 in budget expenses and increase throughput by 95%. TED Consulting is his dream and he strives every day to make it a little bit better.

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