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We help your industrial engineering team get the most out of your process with MODAPTS training.

MODAPTS is a time study system that quantifies operator workload, giving your team objective ways to analyze your process, independent of operator motivation.

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MODAPTS Practitioner Certification

This introduction gets your team certified in just a week! With on-site instruction, we get your team certified by analyzing your own process and no travel for your employees.

MODAPTS Green Belt

Mostly working with large and heavy objects? At this level, your team will acquire the tools to quantify workload for those slow and steady tasks.

MODAPTS Yellow Belt

Extend your team's expertise into the office! This course also gives your teams the tools to make custom block data, speeding up analysis for your process.

Virtual Training

We offer all of these courses in live video form as well as on-site!


Contact us to work with you on training your current employees. 

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